Battery Recycling Program

Shuddham Wants Your Batteries

Shuddham Wants Your Batteries

Used batteries are hazardous waste.  They contain toxic heavy metals that end up in the waste stream.  In humid conditions or when thrown into dumping grounds or landfills, the battery casings corrode and the metals may contaminate the ground water.  When incinerated, the toxics are released into the atmosphere, and the incinerator ash is contaminated.

The two most common battery types disposed of in Pondicherry are alkaline and zinc chloride, each type making up about 50% of the 23 types of batteries collected so far at Shuddham.  These batteries contain mercury, which can cause brain and nervous system damage to humans.

There is currently no safe handling or recycling of batteries or portable e-waste in Pondicherry.  In order to take one hazardous stream of toxic waste out of the system, Shuddham is collecting used batteries to be sent for recyling.  Shuddham has set up collection points at retail outlets located in the Raj Bhavan ward of Pondicherry, such as Grinde R. Sridharan and Bon Appetit, as well as at the Lycee Francais, the French Instutute and Creative Art of Souls.

Once Shuddham has collected a ton of batteries, they will have it sent to E-Parisaraa, an e-waste recycling company in Bangalore.  At the moment, E-Parisaraa is also collecting batteries.  Once they have sufficient volume, they will either send it abroad for recycling or set up a processing facility in India.

What can you do?

  1. Reduce.  Limit the number of battery-operated instruments, appliances and tools you use.
  2. Reuse.  Purchase rechargeable batteries.  The best option is nickel metal hydride batteries that contain no toxic heavy metals.  Other batteries, including nickel cadmium and rechargeable alkalide batteries, still contain toxic metals such as cadmium and mercury.
  3. Recycle.  In Pondicherry, you can drop off your used batteries at one of the collection centers mentioned above.  Or, start your own collection box.

5 responses to “Battery Recycling Program

  1. will you pay for the used batteries which we give at your collection points.

  2. Dear Harish,

    No, Shuddham cannot pay for the used batteries collected. In fact, Shuddham is looking for donations to pay for shipping the batteries to Bangalore for further collection or processing.

  3. hi Suddham,
    This is an awesome initiative to keep the world clean. I have some used batteries and i was wondering whether you can get it from my house in R.T Nagar. Would like to know if there is a near by collection centre where i can drop these used batteries. I would also like to do my duty to keep the world clean for the next generation.

  4. Is there any update on the Bangalore situation ? Would like to know if you or any other partner organization is now in Bangalore (and a kilogram of batteries – Li, Hg and regular cells).

  5. hi this really fantastic what u r doing. im an audiologist from coimbatore and we sell more than 100 hearing aid batteries to our clients in a month. If you could give me an address to which i can send the used batteries , then i believe that my small contribution can be instrumental in your mission.

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