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“Ugly Indians” for Clean Streets

In Bangalore, an anonymous group of citizens have a dare:

Show us one Indian city that can boast of one kilometre of clean street – with no open garbage dumps, no missing footpath slabs, no urine stench, no paan (betel leaf) stains on walls? Bangalore, we challenge you, is the only Indian city that now has 4km of streets clean from these four civic ills.

To date, the “Ugly Indians” have “spot-fixed” 104 sites in Bangalore, primarily in the central business district, where they have also installed 150 waste bins and ¬†seven free-to-use WonderLoos (ecologically friendly water-less toilets). ¬†They challenge you to beautify your city.

The full BBC news story, dated 29 November 2011, can be viewed here.