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Joy of Giving Week in Pondicherry : September 27th to October 3rd 2009

Joy of Giving Week

Joy of Giving Week

The Joy of Giving Week is a movement organized all over India by GiveIndia Foundation. It aims at bringing together people from all walks of life in giving back to the society in a way that they choose – money, time, skills, resources, or just simple acts of kindness.

There is joy in giving and joy in receiving! It is this JOY that unites us all across numerous divides – urban-rural, caste, class and gender.

In Pondicherry, Shuddham and CAOS are collaborating with Goonj to celebrate this unique nationwide initiative “Joy of Giving” to be held from September 27 until October 3, 2009.

We invite you all to experience the Joy of Giving with us!

You can support us by:

  • Joining us as a Volunteer
  • Organizing a Collection Drive at your Work and Residential Area
  • Arranging Funds for this Movement
  • Sponsoring Transportation of the collected material to Chennai
  • Donating Packing Material
  • Spreading the Word about this Movement

You can give:
•  CLOTHES: Washed and reusable Clothes, Woolens, Bedcovers, Bed Sheets, etc.
(No Undergarments please)
•  UTENSILS: Clean and washed (no Glassware please)
•  SCHOOL ITEMS: Clean usable Water bottles, Lunch boxes, Pencils, Erasers,
Pens, Sketch Pens, etc. Clean usable School Bags, usable Notebooks and
Drawing Books with a good number of blank pages. Usable Text Books, Toys and
•  RECYCLABLE ITEMS: Newspapers, Books, Magazines used Paper, Plastic and
Glass Bottles, Discarded Batteries, Waste Cardboard and Paper Boxes, Clean
Plastic Covers, Broken Plastic Articles.

C.Dakchana Moorthy Chettiar Kalyana Nilayam
59, Eswaran Dharmaraja Koil Street
Near Nallam Clinic
Pondicherry – 605 001

Dates for Collection: 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th September 2009

Time: 8.30 am to 8.30 pm

Email: joyofgiving.pondy@gmail.com

Contact: 0413 – 2214868

Contact Hours : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

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Goonj: Vastra-Samman a Nationwide Initiative
Goonj is an organization that mobilizes clothing as a resource to empower rural India. Every bit of cloth is transformed into a utility and all usable clothes are distributed to those in need through a well-organized chain of NGOs. Goonj respects the kind hearts of the givers and the self-dignity of the receivers. Every act of “giving” is matched by “work” the receiver does for his/her community.

Shuddham: Connect-Collaborate-Change the World
Shuddham, an NGO, is working to evolve sustainable ways to convert waste into a resource. It is proactively collaborating with the Pondicherry Municipality in the Raj Bhavan ward to create a model for managing solid waste. What is considered waste can actually be invaluable when segregated at source and put to use innovatively. Shuddham also offers training and project experience to volunteers and enthusiasts to come together and help change attitudes towards waste.

CAOS: Collaborate for a Better Future
CAOS Apparels Private Limited (Creative Art of Souls) is an ethical and environmentally conscious export oriented company that designs and manufactures apparels. It is based in Pondicherry, South India, and was founded by Anjali Schiavina in 2002. CAOS strongly believes in ‘collaborating for a better future’ with various organizations and shares the passion and vision, of Shuddham and Goonj, in changing waste into a resource. CAOS and its team are headed towards becoming zero waste.