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Lycee Francais Students Visit Parivartan

Listening to Rajamanikam

Listening to Rajamanikam

25 March 2009

Today, the eighth standard students of Lycee Francais de Pondichery visited Parivarthan, Shuddham’s resource center.

Watching the secondary sorting

Watching the secondary sorting

After Rajamankiam explained the process, they watched the secondary sorting taking place.

Lycee at Parivartan - Sorted Materials

Sorted Materials waiting to be "baled"

The Lycee does not currently segregate their garbage into compostable and recyclable materials – their mixed waste can only go to the dump.  The students are now committed to working with Rajamanikam to reorganize their garbage into segregated waste streams.


A Beautifier

Shuddham “Beautifier”

Shuddham “Beautifiers” go door-to-door in the mornings to collect segregated waste from each household in the northern third of the Raj Bhavan ward of Pondicherry. One amma (“mother” in Tamil) rides the specially-designed tricycle while another collects the compostable waste (which goes directly into the tricycle) and recyclables (which go into the large red bags). In the afternoons, they patrol the streets to pick up any litter that may have accumulated since morning. Once a week, they do a “thorough” cleaning, including cleaning out the gutters. The difference in the cleanliness of the streets patrolled by the Shuddham Beautifiers and the other municipal contractors is marked.