About Shuddham

Shuddham is a registered NGO located in Pondicherry, South India. The members of Shuddham are creating a model for the “Beautiful India” movement – a movement to create a zero-waste environment.

5 years ago, the members of Shuddham started with one street, going door-to-door to educate the households on the value of segregating waste into three streams – compostable, recylable, and hazardous. Segregation turns waste into resources. “Green” waste is vermicomposted, resulting in valuable castings and vermi-wash which are sold to gardeners. Paper, cardboard, plastics, and other recyclables are sorted and then sold to recyclers for reuse. Hazardous waste is disposed of safely.

Today, Shuddham is poised to take over the municipal contract to clean the entire Raj Bhavan ward of Pondicherry, including the much visited “Beach” Road. Efforts are underway to experiment with new ways of using the resources generated by the citizens and industries of Pondicherry.

Shuddham is located at 66, Rue Francois Martin, 1st. Floor, Kuruchikuppam 605 012, Pondicherry, India. You may reach us by telephone: +91-413-421-0032 or by email: info@shuddham.org


11 responses to “About Shuddham

  1. Dear Mr.Probeer,
    Missed you in Delhi on your recent trip. As explained, I was keen to meet you to get further inspired to do a similar experiment as you in our locality in Delhi. I managed to download your presentation in pdf from your blog.
    Would need to understand in detail your vermicomposting procedure with time taken at every stage.
    Would like to meet you on your next delhi visit.

  2. sir,i am interested to built vermicompost unit in andhrapradesh at my village,you give some information about vermi compost.i used meterials in this buffello wastage,you give ur friendly organizations andhrapradesh address

  3. Dr. G. Kumaravelu

    Iam a Botanist much interested in studies relating to vermicompost and vermiwash. Presently Iam doing work on the impact of vermiwash on growth and yield of pulse crops. I am the Head of the Dept. of Botany in Kanchi Mamunivar centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Puducherry, 605008. I want to interact with you to get details regarding the composting techniques. Please reply.

  4. Dear Mr. Probir,
    I’m an engineer by profession but an environmentalist at heart. Am presently trying to teach voluntarily – science and environment to some underprivileged children as well as conduct awareness presentations at community level regarding pressing environmental problems and what we can do.

    I had the privilege to visit your premises in Sept. 2006 while doing the “Sustainable Habitats course” in Auroville and was particularly impressed by the 7-day cycle of your composting process. I understand that shredding the waste is an important part of this.

    My purpose in writing to you is to understand the composting process better.
    I shall be grateful if you can send me a write – up / pictures including :
    • Materials / construction required
    • Type and Source for earthworms ( they must be special if they can do the job in a week)
    • step by step procedure
    • precautions ,
    • time taken by each stage etc.

    – all in the name of a better India ! Better world !


    T.P. Singh

  5. To the Shuddhan team,

    It’s great to see a group of people in Pondicherry concerned with the ever growing household waste.
    I came across a poster of yours in Pondicherry, in which you mention recycling used batteries.
    I’m curious to know what exactly happens to all those old batteries once you’ve collected them. What constituents of the battery go where?And is there any non recyclable residue?



  6. Dear Probir,

    I would like to congragulate your efforts . I am basically a social work student undergoing my MSW I yr in Pondicherry University and We would be pleased if you present a workshop there.

  7. to the shuddham team,
    im an chemical engineering student. studying in sathyabama univarsity chennai.. we are doing a project on recycling of human waste.
    by using human waste we can able to produce electricity and also we can use it as manure to the agriculture field. we had done this project in our college and its successfully working… i’m very much interest to do in large process. im also an volunteer of child leader project an ngo working in pondicherrry and california…. if u had time. i can explain this clearly to u… im ready to visit ur place….sir

  8. I would like to get in touch with Probhir! I am a good friend of his and am visiting India today for one week until 20th Nov. Could you please send me his contact details! P.S. I love the work Shuddham do- a very inspirational organisation! Many thanks- Melpo

  9. can we get bio fertilizer from you for garden

  10. I need vermicompost for my garden old contact

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